Charity Round Up: Tigerbob Giving Back

Tigerbob by Gossamer Rozen
2 min readFeb 15, 2023

Charitable giving has been a key part of Gossamer Rozen’s ideology and we have intended to include this in Tigerbob from the beginning.

GROZEN FA LLC has a private Endaoment fund hosting a portion of the royalties directed to funds who are available on their application. Portions of funds are also kept aside in a separate, designated wallet and are donated via crypto or cashed out directly to organizations who do not use this application.

As a reminder, 10% of the primary sale of Tigerbob Genesis digital collectibles and 10% of royalties of Tigerbob Genesis and Tigerbob Concepts & Myths collections will be donated to charity courtesy of GROZEN FA LLC, forever.

Today, we are highlighting our recent donation to Building Markets, to support Turkey and Syria earthquake relief efforts. Read our first Tigerbulletin below:

Tigerbulletin 2–11–23 Mentions & Notes:
Refik Anadol
Jack Butcher
The Giving Block
Building Markets
Endaoment’s Turkey and Syria Relief Fund
Tigerbob Donation to Building Markets on Etherscan

Through 2023, the Tigerbob team will provide a robust plan for ongoing donations and we will announce on new donations with our new Tigerbulletins via Medium articles.

Check our Charity Page to learn more.



Tigerbob by Gossamer Rozen

Tigerbob is a luxury fine art, fashion, and character brand by artist & designer Gossamer Rozen.